Flash back

The week is passing by too fast! Last week especially… the social calendar was packed! I had something to do every night after work except for Monday. Here’s a summary of what I did:

Tuesday – Dinner at Wahaca

Dav arranged a dinner with his colleagues at a Mexican restaurant in Canary Wharf. The food is quite good. The restaurant even give away chilli seeds to grow at home (to be exact, it is Serrano chillies. A kind of Mexican chillies). We actually went and got ourselves pots and compost to try and grow chillis. Last year, our Aussie friends gave us some tulip seeds as well, which we have not tried to grow. So we thought why not grow everything at one go. Let’s see whether we’re successful.

Wednesday – The Misanthrope

My office was selling subsidized tickets to this play last year, which has Keira Knightley in it!! I didn’t manage to get the tickets but luck was on my side on Monday when I saw a colleague selling her tickets. It only costs £27 to see this play! I managed to get 2 extra tickets so I invited NB and AA to come along. It was definitely worth it. Keira was good… she’s damn skinny as well! LoL.

Thursday – Megan Mullally and Supreme Music Program

A colleague saw an ad in the Metro newspaper (daily free newspaper available in the train / tube station) for this concert. In case you’re wondering who she is, she was the annoying character in Will & Grace with the squeaky voice. Yes, she can sing, even with that voice! Apparently she acted in the new version of Fame (which was a flop). Since we manage to get discounted tickets, I thought it was worth a try. It’s always good to discover new music. She was quite good but not amazing. Will I see her again? Maybe not.

Friday – Chinese Grocery shopping at SeeWoo

We decided to invite our friends and colleagues to our house for a CNY gathering. For this gathering, we needed to buy Chinese snacks and food since it is CNY. Instead of going to Chinatown, Dav wanted to check out the Chinese grocer, SeeWoo in Greenwich. This place is HUGE and had lots of variety. The only down side is that it is so far from our house but relatively near to Dav’s office. I dont think we will come back unless we have to get alot of asian good like for this gathering.


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