Performance Management

I had my performance review with my manager recently and was not that satisfied with the conclusion. I didn’t really want to talk about it and has somehow forgotten about it (esp since I’m busy filling up my social calendars with concert and plays. A subject of a separate post) but today I had a bitching session with my peers, complaining about it.

To summarised my dissatisfaction, I’ve been told I have performed very well, but I can’t be rated as the best because management has ‘reduced’ the number of ppl who can be in that category. In addition, management has already decided who will be in that before even having a discussion with each individual!

So what’s the point of setting performance objectives and reviewing the achievements of it???

Such a waste of time!!


3 thoughts on “Performance Management

  1. Its what management always says as an excuse. All the performance review, 360 stuff is bullshit. In reality it never works because senior management just tells you what you’re like and that’s it. You have no say in it …. Take it easy stepho …

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