After our South India trip, we’re now obsessed with posting our pics on Flickr and tried to get as many views as possible. Strangely it has turned into a competition between us… see who can get the most views… LoL

We took sooooo many pics. Somehow looking at my pics, I can’t help but feel that I should have taken more!! Just to give you a rough idea how many pics we took. I have about 700+ and Dav has about 1,000+. So I think it will take us some time to go through all of it. Good news is we’re already starting to upload it in stages.

Please visit our Flickr site to view them! 🙂

Here’s one I took which I really like.

Dav taking a pic of the village school kids. All were very eager and happy when we took their pictures.


2 thoughts on “Obsessed

  1. healthy competition is good =) look at Nikon and Canon! Just like the 2 of u, one Nikon and another Canon? =P hehe and 7D steph? nice 😉

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