Numpty List

Definitions of numpty on the Web:

  • An idiot or fool
  • a stupid person (mainly used in Scotland)

Tuesday night (05.01.10)

The whole department received an email from my big boss, advising us to make sensible decision on whether to travel to office, seeing the snow was predicted to be falling heavily. As you know, UK can’t handle severe weather very well. Everything stops when the whole country experience severe weather.

So everyone waited anxiously for the heavy snow fall to make it to London from the North.

Wednesday morning (06.01.10)

To prevent being stuck in the train or waiting a long time for a train to get to central London, I decided to work from home (Thanks to remote access!). At 0930, we received another email from the big boss. He has been stuck in the train for 2 hours and won’t make it in the office. Obviously he didn’t follow his own advice.

Half hour later, he forwarded us the email he sent out the night before with a question why didn’t he follow his own advice and hope that everyone is not caught in the transport disruption like him.

Then he started a Numpty List and put his own name on the list. And so a chain of emails started as he proceed to find out who attempted to get to office. By the end of the day, the following lists were created:

  • Numpty List – Besides the big boss, 2 other colleagues attempted to get to office with one stuck in the train and the other’s car going bonkus outside his house’s driveway.
  • Sensible List – Majority were in this list for staying at home.
  • Super Soldier List – A colleague whose birthday was today, walked to work with knee high snow and still make it to office. So she’s been listed in the ‘Super Soldier’ list.
  • Fat Soldier List – Our EA made it to office and threaten to finish the chocolates on our dept snack table. So the big boss created this list for her. hahahahahaha

2 thoughts on “Numpty List

  1. Awww sounds like a good way to turn a bad situation into a cheerful one. I use the word numpty a lot when I’m in Aberdeen.

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