Work Christmas Do

This year because the company has replaced the annual formal Christmas Dinner with a Summer Party, we had to organise and pay for our own Christmas party. So 2 managers decided to organise a Christmas Pub Dinner and over one Friday drinks one day they decided to organise it as a competitive team event with games and call it the Audit Olympics!

We were grouped into 5 teams and were given a team name. As you can see, everyone dressed up for the occasion. We even took pictures underneath the office Christmas trees, which caught a lot of attention! I was a ‘Persian’, which sucks cos there really isn’t a ‘Persian’ costume which we can get. So the girls decided to dressed up like middle eastern women while the men pretended to be persian cats… LoL. Our team got 1 point deduction for coming up with bad costume.. 😦

To ‘officially’ start the Audit Olympic games, we had a torch procession from the office to the pub and even had a small ceremony to light the Olympic cauldron (we used a Christmas pudding as a replacement). We even had a deejay! hahahahaha

Then the games started. We played a total of 6 games. Majority was quite physically challenging but do-able.

I think we were probably the only function in the office which dressed up for a Christmas party. It was quite fun and everyone was very sporting and played all the games ‘created’ by the 2 managers. I was quite surprised at how much effort everyone put in to dress up and no one complained about playing any of the games… so there was definitely good team spirit within the function.

Definitely one party which I will remember for a long time.


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