Season of giving

I received my Christmas gift early this year. It’s quite funny how we’re not Christian but we still adopt the practice of giving gifts. There was no gift last year as we bought the PS3 and the year before Dav bought me a DS Lite.

So, I came home late on Thursday night and found a nicely wrapped box on the bed, waiting for me. The box was shipped from Amazon, USA. There can only be one item in there… indeed it was the Kindle! If you have never heard about this gadget, it’s an electronic book reader. I’ve always wanted one.


It is a black and white e-book reader, about the size of A5 (half of A4). The look and feel is very sleek and smooth.


Look how slim the e-reader is.

So besides Dav giving me a present, I’ve also decided to give myself a present to reward myself. I finally bought myself a DSLR. I got the Canon 7D. Now I can proudly say I’m a owner of a DSLR!



5 thoughts on “Season of giving

  1. OMG!! First of all, congratulations! second of all, so very sorry about the price check thingy, I was going to go this week but a job came up. Shooting on the 20th. I didn’t know you wanted it so urgently. But why not the 5D?

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