Catching up


It has been a very very long 2 weeks. No matter, I’m back in London now. So, let me give you a brief update.

Business Trip to Madrid

I was working in Madrid for the past 2 weeks. It was a trip I was hoping not to make. However I couldn’t get out of it when I was back from holiday. I went alone and there was so much to do. I seriously have not work long hours for a very very long time. Everyday I would head back to the hotel around 8.30pm.. the latest was around 9.30pm. People in Madrid works very long hour during the winter. I was told this is to compensate for the short working hours in the summer. People stop working at 2pm in the summer!!

Anyhow I was enjoying the food and the people even though it was very busy until the very last day. My purse was stolen in a bar on my last night in Madrid. I found out when I wanted to check-out when I got back to the hotel. I had to call the senior manager to come and assist to pay for my hotel bill. Luckily he stays very near to the hotel. He was very kind and I was surprisingly very calm. After paying my bills, the hotel helped me call the police station to lodge a police report. After that, I spent another half hour calling all the banks to cancel my debit and credit cards.

So I got back to London with no cash and no credit cards. But there are kind people all around. I shared a taxi to the airport with a few colleagues so I dont have to pay for taxi, the local HR manager gave me Euro 20 for backup and Dav came to my rescue in Heathrow airport. So all well, ends well. 🙂

Hungarian Funky Nu-Jazz Band

We were invited by a Hungarian friend to see a band playing in Old Street 2 weeks ago. Her friend is a singer in the band and they are playing for the first time in London. Since we were feeling adventurous, we thought why not. The band’s name is Barabas Lorinc Eklektric. We truly enjoyed it, I even bought their first album. After the show, we were invited to an after party by some stranger who lives nearby the club. It was quite an odd experience but we didn’t stay long. We knew it was gonna take us ages to get home. So we left at about 2am and only got home after 2 hours. We would love to do this again but I think age is catching up with us.

Seng Fun’s Hens Nite

Seng Fun’s Hens Nite was the very next day after going to see the Hungarian band. So you can imagine the level of energy I have. Anyhow the plan was to get her doll up and head to Old Street (yes, almost the same location) to attend our Burlesque Class. It was great fun! All the girls ‘dressed up’ and was very sporting. Some of us are even thinking of taking of classes. After the class, we head to Soho for dinner at a Cuban restaurant. Seng Fun was very lucky none of us girls were forcing her to do funny stuff. We ended the night having girly chat till about 3.30am!

Seng Funs Hen Party

ATP World Tour Finals

After all the excitement throughout the week, it was quite sad to know that Federer didn’t make it to the Finals of the Finals! So I had to change strategy and choose a player to support. It was my first time going to the O2 main arena. It was HUGE!

I went with 4 colleagues. We were seating at level 4 and still managed to see the court quite well. The event started with Men’s Doubles Final, which lasted just under 1.5 hours. Then it was the finals. Most of us were supporting Davydenko.. he was definitely the more experienced player. Del Potro did not show much threat.

The World Tour Finals will be played in the O2 for the next 4 yours. Maybe for next year, I should consider going for the semifinals instead.

London Philharmonic Orchestra

I almost forgot I bought tickets to this event. Since we have never been to an orchestra in London, I thought it would be an experienced. The theme was ‘A Concert of Christmas Music’ and it was held in the Festival Hall. The concert was very impressive. We have always enjoy live music, what more a full orchestra. There was also a 2 groups of choir in the concert. Although we enjoy this concert, I think Dav will not come along to another one in the future.

4 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Oh too got your wallet stolen. I know how it feels :(:(

    Cancelling the credit cards was the easiest thing to do but replacing everything else was a pain!!!

    PS: As you can see, I am back in WWW :):) WE finally got our naked DSL connected!

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