The Sleeping Beauty

I bought discounted tickets to see ‘The Sleeping Beauty” ballet in the Royal Opera House yesterday night, courtesy of BAT corporate membership. It only costs £48 to get orchestra stall seats which normally costs about £110. I managed to convinced Dav to come along as we have never seen a professional ballet performance. Plus Dav promised to try everything once.

Some background to this ballet (thanks to the ROH website):

One of the most lavish theatrical events of all time, the original St Petersburg staging of The Sleeping Beauty in 1890 was a spectacular illustration of the Russian Imperial style at its zenith. Today it remains the cornerstone of The Royal Ballet’s repertory. Ever since 1939, when Ninette de Valois first had the ballet staged in London for her young Vic-Wells company, it has become the emblem of British classical style. It wasThe Sleeping Beauty that was to reopen Covent Garden in February 1946, when the Company moved from Islington to the West End. It was also the debut performance for the Company’s very first tour to America. The opening night at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York on 9 October 1949 was such a resounding triumph that both Time and Newsweek put Margot Fonteyn on their front covers.

The current staging, by Director Monica Mason in conjunction with Christopher Newton for the Company’s 75th Anniversary in 2006, pays homage to that famous 1946 production. With its huge cast, fairytale settings and glorious Tchaikovsky scoreThe Sleeping Beauty remains the very essence of classical grandeur.

The performance took 3 hours (yes, that long) but with 2, 20 minutes intervals. The ballerina costumes were so sparkly and pretty! On the other hand, man in tights is not a pleasant sight (esp for Dav, LoL). The tights they wore were sooo tight that it looks like they are not wearing anything! You can see their well sculptured leg and bum …. hahahahaha if you’re wondering how I saw that, we were seated 3 rows from the stage. So we had none obstructed view seats.

I would love to see Swan Lake or Nutcracker next… most likely will have to see it with my friends.


3 thoughts on “The Sleeping Beauty

  1. how awesome! Loved the ballet myself… Miss AA and I went last year for the same performance, and it was fab.. we tippy toed back home… watched a whole lot of ballet dvds after that too… Nutcracker esp is fun.

    men in tights too tight is definitely a turn off… but here’s an interesting fact – did you know that underneath to prevent slippage is a dance belt thong?

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