Trans-Siberian Trip – Update 4

We’ve been back for one week now. I know there hasn’t been much update about the trip. I’ve been taken ill and Dav is just busy catching up with his PS3 games.

Anyhow, I have managed to complete 2 items (of course there will be more to come). Firstly, I have put together a listing of things we brought with us as a reference to anyone who is planning to do the same thing as a guide. Secondly, I have provided a brief overview of our journey starting from London to Moscow.

You can read them by clicking on the link below. The posts are also available under the “Trans-Siberian Trip” link on the top left hand corner of the blog.

Enjoy reading!

p/s: We will not be uploading any pictures in Facebook or on our blog. This is because we are uploading them to Dav’s Flickr account. We are still in the process of uploading all the pictures, but some of them are already in there. We will let you know once all the pictures from the trip is in there. Thanks for being patience!


2 thoughts on “Trans-Siberian Trip – Update 4

  1. hi… went through all the pictures on a slow day at work.. such fun… great seeing them, esp the trip from outside moscow – mongolia as its was all new to me.

    seemed like a great trip with a lot of beer too?

    and the bears at beijing zoo are such cuties…. esp the brown bear.

  2. It was an amazing trip! We would definitely do it again.

    Interestingly we mainly had beer throughout the whole trip…. was craving for a glass of wine when back in London. Finally had a sip during dinner before the ballet show.

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