Comfort Food

Indomie Mi Goreng

I love my Indomie Mi Goreng…

Discovered this instant noodle when I was studying in Adelaide. We used to buy a box from Chinatown almost every other month. We would even share our stocks with other fellow uni mates (first in Unihall then among all the residents of Townhouses). Consumption of Indomie would peak during exams period. Not surprising, since these are critical time where we have to study as much as we can. Thus there’s really no time to indulge in preparing a healthy meal….

Now the strange thing is, very rarely I cook instant noodle when I’m back in Malaysia. Even during my EY days. We can always get it in mamak stalls (Indomie with mata kerbau satu! :P) … in fact, I never cook at all when I’m in Malaysia. Why cook when you can get a variety of food so easily?

Anyway, now that I am living in London, the craving for Indomie has made a come back!! and I noticed a pattern.

We would get like 5 packets and then finish them in maybe 2 weeks. And then we will not get any for a min of 3 weeks. Then we would buy them again. Then maybe after 6 months, we will actually buy A BOX. The box will roughly last for about 3 months.

Today as I was having dinner with my manager and colleagues in Chinatown, Dav asked me to get 5 packets of Indomie. I came home with a box. LoL. Let’s see how long the box will last.

Do you have a comfort food?


2 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. Will you be bringing Indomie with you on your train adventure next month? 😉 My comfort food is any food made from potatoes – chips, french fries, mashed potatoes, potatoes crisps,….

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