First Proms experience

Never have I thought I would enjoy a classical concert so much!

Yesterday I attended a Yo-Yo Ma performance with the Silk Road Ensemble in Royal Albert Hall. This performance was one of the many many BBC Proms lineup this year. We planned for this and got the tickets like 3 months ago??? Out of all the shows, Yo-Yo Ma is the only name I could recognize (he is a world renowned cellist).

Anyway, for this performance, he was with the Silk Road Ensemble.  A group of musician he put together to compose and play music influenced by the ancient Silk Road (thus the name). For this performance, there were 3 violins, 1 pipa, 1 double bass, 1 cello, 2 flutes and multiple types of drums (even the big chinese/ japanese drums).

The performance lasted for 1 hour (not enough!!!) but was very engaging. Absolutely love it !! Even my friends said it was THE BEST proms performance they have been to this year (they had attended 3 other performances before this one).

Don’t miss the opportunity to see him if you get a chance!

Prom 2009

Details of the performance.


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