Photography Lesson – Wk 5

Last week the teacher took us out and we practiced what we learnt. I thought it was very good as it allowed us to take pictures and get instance feedback. Especially on the panning techniques. The teacher was there to ‘experiment’ with us, while giving us some tips as well.

Here’s some of the best photos I took (at least best from my perspective).


Panning. This time instead of zooming in and out, I turn the camera body 180 degrees. Very cool effect.


Panning again. This time following the car movement to create the blurry background effect. I couldnt do this last week by myself. But the teacher showed me how to do this. London black cab but WHITE in colour.. how ironic.


Love this picture. It looks like the cyclist is cycling very fast.


I make this photograph B&W. It looks more classic. This picture looks as if the ladies are standing still while the world is passing by.

So this week’s homework is to take pictures of reflection and shadows. Here’s  what I submitted.


Dav, The Thinker.


Our pet, The Dog.


Reflection on laptop. This is one of my favourite. Totally love this picture.


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