Pre-retirement seminar

I went to a pre-retirement seminar in the office few days ago, not having any expectations. Just wanted to see what it was all about.

The average age of all the participants were like 50+ AND I was probably like the most junior staff in the room (majority were senior managers who has worked in BAT for an average of 15 years!!!).

So you can imagine how I feel. Then just before the seminar started, one of my senior manager walked in. He was shocked to see me, and hinted that I was too young to be there!

He was sooo wrong… the first thing the speaker told us was that it is never too young to start planning for your retirement!

Anyway, after a very informative 3 hrs session, I’m starting to doubt whether UK will be a gd place to retire… There’s too many tax imposed by the government. Imagine, when you die, you still have to pay a ‘Inheritance tax’ when leaving assets to your kids!



One thought on “Pre-retirement seminar

  1. That’s the price for living in a socialistic country like the UK!

    Same thing for Oz. I’m a bit sick and tired of paying 42% tax to be frankly honest. I’m sick and tired of being taxed for EVERYTHING from interest I earn in the bank from my hard-earned money, to when I take my super out, to capital gains from selling a property. IT TOTALLY FRUSTRATES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!!!!

    I’ve come to the analyses that my earning power would prolly triple if I went back to Singapore/Malaysia. If a millionare like Rupert Murdoch thinks he’s being taxed too much in Oz, and move to the US because of it, hmmm…it’s gotta me thinking.

    I have a lot of gfs who are planning to get Aussie PR but after 13 years of living here I can safely say that no grass is greener anywhere. My little brother has just started his housemanship and no longer is the junior doctor in Msia overworked and underpaid – he got paid something ridiculous like RM7K for working just half a month!!!

    Ok…time to consider going back :):)

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