Photography Lesson – Wk 3 homework

This week we learn about controlling the shutter speed and the techniques we can use to give our picture special effects, e.g. panning.

Here’s my homework.


My teacher, Mina became the model during the class. Here she’s making 2 circles using 2 bicycle lights. The picture is then taken using slow shutter speed. That’s why you can see the circles.


I tried the same technique at home. I left the camera on timer and wrote ‘DS’ using a torch light.


Can you see 2 triangles? You can hardly see my hand moving!


Then, I turn off the lights and just started drawing.


Slow panning combined with zooming in and out on a single subject (ie Dav squatting down trying to take a pic).


Really like this picture. Same technique. This time, Dav is taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.


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