Making blackberries jam

Last weekend, while cycling in the common, we saw a couple with their young kid picking berries. Earlier we saw lots of berries too but wasn’t sure whether it was edible or not. As we’re not berries expert, we didn’t want to take the risks. But seeing people picking them, we decided to ask the couple. They were very helpful, they told us that it’s the season for blackberries, and they are edible (ie not poisonous). They also inform us that the berries will make good jams.

So, straight away we went home and picked up a container and cycled back to the same spot and started picking the ripe berries. We only manage to fill up a small container.

After washing them, we froze the berries for 2 days. Today, after dinner, we started making the jam.

The recipe is sooo simple and the results were fantastic!!

Anyone wants some sample? hehehehe 🙂


Picking the blackberries.


Dont get fooled by its colours. Those in red are unripe…. only pick the black ones.


Ahh… our berries after all the hard work.


Frozen for 2 days.


Recipe says must use lemon.


Tasting time!


All ready for the fridge (and the stomach!!) 🙂


3 thoughts on “Making blackberries jam

  1. very nice ! homemade jam, knitting, if there’s ever a country shutdown due to any reason (Malaysia is thinking of doing it for H1N1), you’ll be able to survive ! 🙂

    ps: spoon holding pic should be new fb pic. you look nice..

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