Picnic Concert

Last week Saturday, I attended my first ever picnic concert. It was for Simply Red @ Kenwood House.

It was forecasted to rain that day. It did not just rain, it was more like heavy rain! We were all soaked and the food and drinks were drenched with rain water.

Nonetheless, we still went there with lots of food and wine! My Brazillian colleague also brought along the typical Brazillian drink, caipirinha.

I’ve always like songs from Simply Red. But I was quite surprised to see that I may just be THE youngest spectator there. The average age of the concert goers would have to be around 40+!!!! hahahahahahaha

We had lots of fun. Definitely a first for all of us… picnic under the rain!


Everyone contributed to the picnic food. We had lots! I think we also finished 4 bottles of wine.


Dig in! We were so hungry when we arrived.


The park is divided into 2 areas. (1) Allocated deck chairs and (2) general picnic area. We bought tickets for the deck chairs, but the problem is you cant have a picnic in that area. Although we cant see much of the stage or the band, but we had lots of fun with the picnic.


Sign of rain coming…. Katherine had problems putting on her rain coat.


Then Cecile had problems with hers too… too small !


Group pic!


This is probably our nth glass of wine… hehehehehe


View of the stage from where we were standing.


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