Peter Pan @ Kensington Gardens

My weekend started on Friday night, watching Peter Pan @ Kensington Gardens.

As it only starts at 1930, I decided to organise a picnic before the show since the theater is in the gardens.

We had very good seats (2nd row from the stage). A pavilion was setup in Kensington Gardens, where the famous Peter Pan statue is located. The stage setup is very different from the typical theater. The stage is round and audience are seated around the stage. So there’s no obstruction to our view. Besides that, on top of the pavilion, there’s a 360 degree projected scenic screen. This allows the production to show the cast flying over London and into Neverland. Ingenious!

I would recommend this show if you get the chance. It was indeed a very magical experience!


3 thoughts on “Peter Pan @ Kensington Gardens

  1. aghh….i wished i’ve seen it before we left london! i’m going to miss all the musicals and plays there. 😛

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