Building a Lego House

Last weekend, I read an article in BBC website about how James May (one of Top Gear presenter) is going to build a Lego House in Dorking, Surrey and is asking for volunteers. Straight away I sent an email to the email address posted on the website, offering my help!

The building was meant to start today (Sat). However I was quite disappointed when I received a reply from the company organising the event early this week. It say that due to ‘huge level of interest’ they are turning this into a ticketed event, free of charge. But basically they are handing out tickets on a first come first serve basis. As this is not exactly near to London, there’s no way I’m gonna make a trip to Dorking, early Saturday morning on my own!

Plus I’ve already bought ticket to attend the ‘Simply Red Picnic Concert’.

Anyway I thought that this was quite a unique initiative and wanted to be part of the experience. James May is quite an eccentric person. Back in April 09, he actually created a garden using plasticine at the Chealsea Flower Show AND won a special award for it! It was the first of its kind!

So now he’s gonna attempt to build a life size house using only Lego with a fully working toilet and stay in it for a few days…

Apparently people actually started queuing at 0430! If I have a car… I might just re-consider….


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