Virtual tour of National Gallery London

I wanted to visit the National Gallery, London @ Trafalgar Sq today. They have a huge collection of paintings… some famous artists includes Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Monet. Ever since I saw Banky’s interpretation of famous paintings, I wanted to check out the original versions of the painting. It’s free and available to the public, why not?

What’s interesting about the National Gallery is that they have catalogued all their paintings and published it online. So you can actually search for a particular paintings online and have a look without visiting the gallery! But of course, looking at the real thing is better. Audio guide is also available to be downloaded from their website. With the audit guide downloaded, all I need is to get a map of the gallery.

However after cleaning up the house this morning, I got lazy and the weather was fantastic to sleep. It didnt help that I was feeling drowsy from the cough medicine I took. So I decided to check out the paintings online while listening to the audio guide.

There have several audio guides which you can download. The audio guide provides background to some of more famous paintings.

If you’re interested to have a look, checkout the gallery’s website and/or download their podcast.


One thought on “Virtual tour of National Gallery London

  1. Aaaahhh…I remember spending an entire day in there by myself!!! It was such bliss!!

    I actually read most of the plaques on the wall. Some told wonderful stories :):)


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