First experience (Crushed by Air Italia!!!)

I’m flying to Rome tonight to attend my Italian colleague’s wedding.

It will be my first European wedding. Really looking forward to it.

I’m all well except for the cough. The cough medicine is making slightly drowsy… but who cares!

Latest update.

My flight was cancelled at the last minute (after a 1.5 hrs delay!).

The airline does not know when they can fly.. it could be tonite or it could be tmrw morning or afternoon etc etc etc….

Cant get another flight out on time to attend the wedding at 4pm…

I’m very very angry and frustrated with Air Italia and sad that I cant be there to witness a beautiful wedding….

Now I’m gonna go cough my lungs out the whole weekend instead of partying with my friends.



2 thoughts on “First experience (Crushed by Air Italia!!!)

  1. Oh no….that is a real pity! An Italian Roma wedding would be amazing!

    Hope you still make it though – here’s crossing fingers and toes for you!

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