Surprised birthday dinner

I’ve been away for a week. This is because I flew back to KL and couldn’t tell anyone about it.

My sisters and I have been planning a surprise birthday party for my dad’s 60th birthday since April. As my parents also read and follow all my postings in this blog and FB, I could not mention or write anything about the trip.

My eldest sis had to do all ‘ground work’ as she is the only one back in KL. She had to book the restaurant, put together the menu, invite our relatives and family friends, while making sure that no one reveal the plans to my parents. We knew that my mother would not be able to keep this a secret, so we decided not to tell her either.  To get my parents to the restaurant, my cousin sis offered to help. She invited them out for  dinner with the idea that she will bring them to the restaurant.

This is the first time we ever arranged a surprise birthday dinner and I’m glad that it was a success!! Not only did we managed to get all our relatives and family friends together (in total there were about 40 people), we also managed to surprised my dad!!

It was certainly a good celebration and I’m really happy to be able to make it home to celebrate both our birthdays together!


We were hiding behind the wall at the restaurant’s entrance, waiting for my dad to arrive. My dad were so shocked to see us that he couldn’t recognize us for a few seconds.


2 birthday cakes for the birthday boy and girl.


Cake cutting time. Check out the banners on the wall. Jas got it from Asda.


Family photo time. But still not the complete family. One person is missing…


One with the ‘extended’ family.

p/s: Lots of thanks to my eldest sis for doing most of the planning!!


4 thoughts on “Surprised birthday dinner

  1. OMG!!! Your Daddy has lost SOOOO much weight!!!!! Your Mum still looks her young self which is great 🙂

    And your little sister is ALL GROWN UP!!! My god…she was just a little girl when I last saw her!

    And Fanny’s son is SOOOO BIG!!!

    My, my…how time flies 🙂

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