Prada shoe

Conversation I had with the Head of HR in Rome, after our discussion last week:

Head of HR (HoH): Is that a Prada shoe? (pointing at my shoe)
Me: No, no… not Prada.
HoH: Not Prada? It looks like a Prada.
Me: Really? No, I would have love to wear Prada. But it’s not.
HoH: Dior?
Me: No, no.. not Dior. It’s a local Malaysian brand.
HoH: Really??!?! It sure looks like one of those designer shoe. I think I’ve seen it somewhere.
Me: Oh it it?? hehehe Thanks.

In fact, the shoe I was wearing was bought from Vincci+. I bought it on sale from Bangsar Village. It had a ‘stain’ on the shoe so I even got further reduction on top of the sale price.

I like this shoe because it has 2 colour tones. In front, it is cream coloured and as you go to the back of the shoe, it becomes dark brown. Not bad for a ‘Prada’ looking shoe eh… 🙂


5 thoughts on “Prada shoe

  1. The PC answer would be to give a coy smile and say “no comments” :):)

    Shoes back home are da bomb because they are so cheap and thus we get to buy so many designs!!! Win-win situation :):)

    BTW, I’ve seen brands like Charles and Keith copy some of the runway shoes and sometimes do a better version of them!!! Perhaps that is why your boss thought it was a Prade because they probably have something out that looks similar :):)

    PS: Love the shoe btw!!! :):) Great choice!

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