He won! He won!

This year’s Wimbledon has been fantastic!!

Although I was working in Rome, I am happy that I made the trip down to the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on the first Sat to catch some Wimbledon Championship fever. Then for the Men’s Finals, I had some colleagues over to witness the 4 hours, 5 sets match between Federer and Roddick.

I am so happy that Federer got his 15th Grand Slam… slightly sad that A-Rod tried all his best but still couldnt make it.

Cant wait for next year!!

p/s: Gonna make plans to go to the French Open next year. Anyone wanna go??

This year’s Wimbledon companions are AA and RA. We were all given a strawberry’s sticker that says ‘I’ve queued at Wimbledon 2009’. We arrived at Wimbledon Park at 0630 and we were the 4902 on the queue! And we thought we were early!!!

One busy with iPhone and the other with camera.

I made PIMM’s for both the women and men’s finals. My PIMM’s have only strawberries and apples.

I also made strawberries and creams with icing sugar… yummy!!


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