Happy happy

Introducing my first ever Gucci bag, ‘Sukey’.
Bought from the Gucci store in Heathrow T5.
Best thing is, it’s tax free!


6 thoughts on “Happy happy

  1. WAAAAAAH!!!! It’s gorgeous girl! :):) Did our bag posting a few weeks back help with your choice of purchase? πŸ™‚

    It looks fab and the shape is just perfect for a tote! I especially love the huge ass key chain πŸ™‚

    PS: I hate to admit this, but Steph, it can only go UP from here :):) Once you acquire one luxurious bag….many others will follow suit :):):)

    PPS: Did you get the matching wallet too? Cause if you didn’t…there is always that next business trip :):)

  2. Thks Cat!! I really like the bag. I’ve been looking for a bag since last Christmas. This is actually my second ‘luxurious’ bag. My first was a Ferragamo bag (small size). And no, I didnt get the wallet. πŸ™‚

    My gf in London was so excited I got my first Gucci that she wants to throw a party to welcome me into the ‘club’… LoL.. she’s a funny girl.

  3. Mala, I think you might guess it right…

    “Some say she will become the first female prime minister of Malaysia. All we know is, she’s called The Datin”

  4. your gf is a very dangerous woman… I too, didn’t think consider branded bags a necessity, but after 2 years living i’ve got two and now, thinking maybe i’ll buy another fun tote like yours..

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