Company Summer Party

This year my office decided to have a summer party instead of the traditional yearly formal Christmas Party. It was an informal event, held in the gardens of The HAC.

It was very fun … besides the free booze, there were also mini fun-fair games and rides. Main fav is Dodgem (Bumper car). Btw, everything was free… no need to pay for anything!

The only complain I have about the event was the fact it was held on a Thursday! On top of that I had a 9am meeting the next day in the office. So, again by midnight I have to force myself to go home.

But overall I had a good time.

View of The HAC gardens during sunset.

The BIG swing ride and Ferris Wheel is waiting for us. Another annoying thing is we cant carry our drinks into the ‘Rides’ section. I think lots of alcohol was wasted cos everyone just leave their drinks at the door when they wanna go on the rides.

We went on the Dodgem lots and lots of time. Both in sober and not so sober state.

Mini version of the big swing.

This is no ordinary ferris wheel. It goes around backwards and very fast !

This is one of the hardest… cant get a single hoop in!

The band that entertained us on the dance floor. They were very good. Reminded me of Scissors Sisters.

On the dance floor.. đŸ™‚


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