I am confused.

The impromptu decision to head to Bristol didn’t happened. Too many excuses … but I will definitely go next Sat cos I have bought the tickets. So lookout for my review of Banksy’s exhibition.

Anyway, it was a very nice day. So we decided to head to Wimbledon High Street for brunch (yummy big breakfast!) and did some shopping (for groceries and also for personal indulgence).

Then we cycled around Wimbledon Common late in the afternoon to kick start my yearly cycle regime. It felt great. Even awarded myself with an soft cone ice cream on the way back.

While cycling I noticed something quite annoying. As we all know, some countries drive on the left side of the road (all Commonwealth countries) while others on the right side of the road (US and Europe). So one would expect that it applies on the cycling path as well. Surprisingly no! Every time we come across cyclists or pedestrian we have to ‘guess’ which side they gonna stay on to avoid accident.

Then I had a lighting bulb moment. English people are confused! They drive on the left side of the road but when not driving they tend to walk or cycle on the right side! A very good example is walking up/down the escalator of the tube/train station. If you have not noticed (which you should have if you’ve been to London!) is that if you’re not walking, you should stay on the right hand side to allow other passengers to walk on the left.

So I’m perfectly allowed to feel confused when the people around me cant bloody decide which side they want to stay on!!


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