Mika Acoustic Concert, London 2009

We enjoyed his concert tremendously!! The ticket price were reasonable (£23 each) and we had good seats (although it said ‘Restricted View’ on the ticket).

Not only did he performed all the songs from his first album, he also performed two tracks from his upcoming album due in September, “Good Gone Girl” and “Blame It on the Girls,”. In addition he also aired all four songs from his current “Songs for Sorrow” EP — “Toy Boy,” “Lonely Alcoholic,” “Blue Eyes” and “Lady Jane”.

The concert ended with double encore and prompted a stage invasion by dozens of fans.

The concert started late (about 45mins late), so we started taking pictures. This is my Italian colleague.

Mika’s fan club members brought along a crocodile and a kangaroo (not in picture). Dont really know what for.

Boring opening act by unknown singer. She didnt even introduce herself! She almost made us fell asleep.

The stage was decorated in silver. He even has a full string players. If you look closer, they are all wearing funny silver hats too.

In the middle of the show, a ‘man’ suddenly showed up and was flying around.

Although it was an acoustic concert, he had one drummer, 2 guitar players and 2 background singers. Quite a big setup.

At one point there was a simulated thunderstorm, complete with glitter “rain”.

The audience also got showered with the glitter “rain” too.

At the beginning of “Lollipop”, everyone started using the dustbin as “drum”.

and one giant inflatable balls were hurled into the audience.

Followed by a lot of small little silver balls. The balls were kicked and pushed into the audience too.

The concert ended with “Relax (Take It Easy),” which prompted a stage invasion by dozens of fans.

P.S: J, I was near enough to fling knickers at him but dont think he will appreciate it. Instead I persuaded my male colleague to fling his shirt at him but no one was keen to do it. 😛


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