On the way back home today, I encountered the worse behaviour people can express. And I dont understand why I only see it or experience it in London.

A young mother pushing her baby in a pram was trying to position her pram in the designated slot in the bus the way she wanted it got into an argument with another lady, who refused to move. There is enough space to leave her pram in the designated area but no, she insists (by shouting) that it must be done the way she wanted it.

So both ladies argued for a good 10 minutes in front of everyone. Which makes the baby cries and everyone else uncomfortable.

My thoughts at that time were, is it necessary to argue? Why cant each party give way?

This is not the first time I’ve witnessed people arguing in the bus. There was once 2 teenagers (drunk) provoked a group of guys and they starting hitting each other (physically) !!!

I absoluately hate being stuck in these situation. Why cant everyone be nice and friendly??

I guess nothing is perfect in this world.


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