Discovering European Singers

Ever since I moved to UK, my music collection has been influenced by my European colleagues. Not only am I listening to more English singers (that’s normal, since I’m living in UK!), I’m also starting to discover European singers.

Last week Dav and I went to see Teitur performing at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) with my colleagues. He is technically Danish but was born and raised in the Faroe Island. His music is quite soothing and odd at the same time. How many singer would use a violin bow to play the guitar to get a special sound?

We also really liked one of the English supporting group. They call themselves ‘Goldheart Assembly‘.

In addition to all that, I’m also listening to Belgian group ‘The Tellers’ and Australian singers Lisa Mitchell and Lenka.

And tomorrow, we’re going to Mika’s Acoustic Concert !!

Teitur in action.


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