How far would you go?

It’s no secret Dav and I love seafood. If you havent already noticed, every now and then we would take a road trip to Klang to eat seafood. Not only that, for our wedding BBQ we even traveled all the way to Kuala Selangor to get fresh seafood. After we moved to London, Dav found out there’s a huge seafood market in Canary Wharf (Billingsgate Market) which sells fresh seafood. We went there once when we first arrived but we got there quite late (the market closes at 0830) so we didnt get much seafood.

So yesterday Dav wanted to eat seafood and so we went to the market again. This time we woke up at 4am, caught the first tube to Aldgate East (at 5am!) then got a bus to Poplar and walked to the market. This is how dedicated we were in getting fresh and cheap seafood!!! We got there by 0630 and we finished browsing and shopping by 0700.

We came home with a dozen scallops, 2 BIG crabs, 2 lobster, 4 BIG king prawns, 2 sea-bass and a lot of medium sized prawns.

Here’s a catalogue of what we saw, bought and ate today.

Putney Bridge station at 0500. No one was around. We took the first tube to Aldgate East.

Funny looking fish with no eyes on sale in the market.

Lots of scallop on sale.

King prawns sold for £22 per kg. We buy these.

Live lobster! It was still moving when we got home.

We bought 2 lobsters. £10 each. Had to freeze them cos there was too much food.

Of course we must have crabs! These costs us £17. We had never tried such BIG crabs before. And yes, these are live crab. One died on the way home.

Check out those claws!!! Damn big.

Dav trying to kill the crab. It was still moving even after Dav poked the knife into its mouth.

Now they are ready to be grilled with olive oil and garlic butter. This was our main for lunch. So fresh and sweet!!

All cooked and ready to be eaten! Yummy!

King prawns. These were slightly more ex. About £8.50 for 1 pound.

2 sea-bass. So cheap.. only £1 each!

We got these super HUGE king prawns. Dav is amazed at their sizes.

Cant remember how much they costs though. I think we paid around £15 for 4.

Not forgetting, scallop is a MUST! These are also £1 each. We bought a dozen.

We ate 6 for lunch. Look at the size of one scallop.

The other 6 have to be frozen.

One grilled scallop ready to be eaten.

Dav is happy and contented with our purchase for the day!


5 thoughts on “How far would you go?

  1. omg! the seafood looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!! Especially the lobster. I want to eat seafood now 🙂
    it was definitely worth the trip there i say!!!

  2. Lili – Yes.. we need to make sure it lasts for a while since we have to wake up so EARLY to buy it.

    Cat – Definitely worth the trip.

    J – The fridge in my new flat is like 5 times bigger than the old one! Next time u come we go again…

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