Do I really have OCB ?

I’ve never really understood why my mother would vacuum AND mop the floor everyday after she gets home from the office. In fact, we (the whole family) gets very annoyed with her daily routine as she would use the vacuum cleaner. It is SOOOO NOISY.

Now that we’re not living with parents, I realised ‘m quite anal about cleanliness myself. Sometimes Dav gets annoyed at my ‘almost’ OCB!! I guess after living with my mother for almost all my life and also living with a clean freak in uni for 3 years, they sort of influenced me quite a lot (you know who you are).

I cant stand seeing hairs on the floor and bits and pieces of ‘stuff’. Even though we’re only home after work, somehow the floor still gets dirty so easily!!!

So yes I admit I’m like my mother, slightly crazy about cleaning. I just want my house to be sparkly all the time!


6 thoughts on “Do I really have OCB ?

  1. Hahahaha!!!! I am glad that I have influenced someone :):)

    I think it’s more about attempting to keep your own living area clean. For some odd reason, we have this innate desire to keep our habitat clean and tidy.

    Also, they say your home embodies who you are/what you really yearn your surroundings to be. I yearn for an uncluttered, calm, all-white look because work is so hectic I would hate for my home to cluttered, dirty and disorganised. I would just die!

    Also, don’t you just get that wonderful feeling when you step into a clean, neat hotel room? Explains it all :):)

    Now, if only Lucinna would listen….heeeheee

  2. Hair is the worst! But that’s why we have a robot vaccum! It does the work so I can go out. Heh heh. đŸ™‚

    And I agree with Cat, the house being cluttered messes with my state of mind.

  3. I hate vacuuming and mopping the floor. Reason being i’m staying in a 2500 sq ft double storey house! Think CL also sick of cleaning the hse most of the time, so we decided to move to a condo…hehehe less floor area to clean….

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