Weekend activities

We had picnic with some friends in Wimbledon Common on Sat. It was even hotter than last weekend. Everyone contributed to the food collection. After picnic, we went back to our place to watch Russell Peters then we decided to head to Kingston to jalan-jalan. It was too nice a day to just stay at home.

We also managed to get some really cheap veges in Kingston. Prolly cos they were closing down.

Then today I watched a horror movie with some friends in town. We watched ‘Drag Me to Hell’. It was ‘scary’ cos it has lots of ‘jumpy’ scenes. But at the same time, there’s quite a few stoopid scary scenes where instead of being scared, it’s actually funny. All in all, it was an entertaining movie.

Cant wait for the next weekend.

Unfortunately I only took pictures AFTER we finish eating.. hehehehe but there was strawberries, cherry tomatoes, chicken drumstick, choc fudge cake, mamak noodles (courtesy of Darren & Lili) and banana cake (courtesy of Kylee). All food were washed down with ice cool PIMMs!

We were back in our place after the food were all gone. But we had a good laugh watching Russell Peters.

On the way out to Kingston.

Kingston’s icon. Dont ask me what it means cos I dont know.

Nice view in Kingston. Even though it was hot, the wind was blowing strongly. Blew my hair away ….

Lots of swans around the river.

Darren trying to ‘bergaya-gaya’. 😛

Lots of people sitting by the curb, having a drink and just chilling.

Lots of nice boats docked by the river.

And some not so nice one left in the middle of the river.

We bought these lovely Oyster Mushroom in Kingston. So cheap… only £1 for one pound. It was originally £3 for one pound.

We grilled it with olive oil and garlic pesto.


One thought on “Weekend activities

  1. Mmm…those mushrooms look yummy!!!!! I wouldn’t have thought of grilling them with pesto but that is a really good idea!

    London looks boiling hot. Its just become Winter over here and it’s cold, wet, dark and miserable. I’m sitting in my flannel PJs and about to snuggle into bed :):)

    PS: Alamak, for a minute there I thought you were talking about another Oliver!!!! :):)

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