I have sucummed!!

I got myself a new camera. To be precise, I bought the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. Dav and MK recommended it. Dav is equally as excited as I am… prolly cos he wans to use it as well. LoL.

It looks and feels like those old cameras. It’s not exactly a SLR. I wanted a compact which can produce quality pictures like the SLR. It even has a Leica lens. Our household do not need 2 SLRs …. not yet anyway… hahahaha

I just received the camera today. So I will need some time to learn how to use it and also I will need to really understand what is shutter speed and aperture to maximize the usage of the camera.

Will write more about the camera and the quality of the picture it takes in the near future.

Note to self: good camera + bad photographer does not produce good pictures.


5 thoughts on “I have sucummed!!

  1. Oooh…my Daddy recommended that camera when I said I wanted a SLR but I didn’t want to lug a huge, ass camera around. He said it’s actually better than a Canon. You must tell me what you think about it since you also own the same Ixus I have too…waiting eagerly!

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