Yesterday was a very sunny and hot day. So we decided to go to Wimbledon Common to have a picnic by the lake and do some reading under the shades. Everyone was out. There were lots of people sun bathing, some even in bikinis. People here is crazy about the sun… I think we sort of become like that too. Cant help it when you only get the sun for like 3 months the whole year!

Dav is very good at preparing food out of nothing. We didnt have any plans in advance to have a picnic. But Dav managed to whipped out the following food for our picnic.

We had grilled bacon, sausages, tomatoes, lemon meringue and a bottle of sauvignon blanc. We dont have proper picnic gear therefore we had to sit on the grass.

Pa enjoying the view while having lunch.

Nothing beats having a glass of chilled wine on a sunny hot day.

Dav the super hubby, cook and photographer. hehehehe

Lots of horses were out in the Common too.

The lovely sauvignon blanc. Was on sale for half price in Sainsbury.

Lovely strawberries.

After eating, everyone doing their own reading.

After eating, one must lie down and take a nap. 🙂

Or just lie down and read.

Love this shot!!


3 thoughts on “Picnic

  1. David’s father is so cute! And it’s great that you guys are taking him out to do stuff. Good thing he’s game for most of you youngsters’ schedule.

  2. Yumm! you do have a super hubby :o)

    I love that shot too, you should put it on canvas to hang up at home!

  3. what nice pictures and a lovely day indeed… Agree with the comment of Dav’s dad being so sporty to do stuff… can’t imagine my dad agreeing to sit on the grass and read.

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