Pancakes and Musuems

Saturday morning we decided to visits the musuems, before we do that, I was craving for pancakes (as usual). We had pancakes in High Street Kensington, then we proceeded to South Kensington to the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. We love going to the museums. It’s very interactive and best of all it’s free!

Pa had chilli con carne, Dav tried the duck and me, I’m a sweet pancake person. So this time I choose the berry compote with ice cream pancake. Yummy!

One of Wallace & Gromit’s miniature set is on display in the Science Museum. They are promoting an exhibition based on the their inventor called ‘Wallace & Gromit present a World of Crackling Ideas’. We didnt go cos u need to pay £9 each to get it. Quite pricey.

In the Astronomy room.

Dav posing for me.

There’s also a collection of all the VW Beetle Motor Car.

The magnificent grand entrance to the Natural History Museum.

Pa marvelling at the extint giant animal. I cant remember what it was.

Me trying to tickle the dinasour.. hehehehe

You can tell Pa is really interested in the extinct animals section.

We’re trying to get a picture of the BIG dinosour behind us. This is on display at the entrance, main hall.

We also walked along the dinosour section. Here’s a claw of a dino. They couldnt find the rest of his bones.

Lovely pics of dino bones taken by Dav.


3 thoughts on “Pancakes and Musuems

  1. Really wanna bring Marcus there….believed he either love it or damn afraid of it! Maybe will wait a little longer when he’s much older 1st like another 2 years…..??

  2. Hey Steph, love that bright red dress you got on there! I don’t think I’ve seen you wear an entire dress as casual wear. Plus it’s a lovely shapely one and sexy, flaming red! You should wear more dresses girl!

    PS: I can picture it already. That dress, your funky bumble bee sunnies, some funky, chunky bangles (I’m thinking solid black/gold) and a nice, cocktail ring. Or just a simple scarf tied round your neck with the bow to the side. :):) This is what happens when you don’t have time to cook!

  3. Tache, yes must bring Marcus to London… SOON!!! he’ll enjoy it very much.

    Cat, thanks!! I’ve been going dress crazy lately. Been converting my casual 3/4 pants & t-shirts to dresses. Plus the weather in London is turning hot, so it’s the best time to wear them.

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