Waiting for Godot

How often would you actually get a chance to watch 2 of the greatest actors in the world on stage together??

If you’re living in London, chances are quite high. That’s why I love living here!!

Anyway, when I found out that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart was gonna be acting together in a play, straight away I asked my colleagues if they wanted to go and we bought the tickets 2 months in advanced!

Although I had no idea what the story is all about, I figured I can always google (the power of internet, hehehe).

4 of us went after work on Thurs.

So apparently this play is very famous, and if you ask me, the story line seems to be rather simple. It’s all about 2 guys waiting for someone they never meet before and do not know when he’s going to appear. Everyday they do the same thing, ask the same questions, play the same games, while waiting for Godot. Of course there’s a hidden meaning and it’s all up to your own interpretation.

No doubt the actors were brilliant. What I really like is the fact that they dont remind you of the character they previously play (e.g. Jean Luc Piccard, Gandolf, etc etc etc). Also they are acting live in front of an audience!

To find out more about the play, Wikipedia has quite a good description.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for Godot

  1. And we love Jean-Luc! Aiyah…
    The last time we were in London, Patrick Stewart was playing Macbeth, soooo wanted to go see it but there was no time! 😦

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