Secret London – An Unusual Guide

We saw this book in the bookstore last Sunday.. immediately we were smitten by it. It has over 400 obscure, overlooked or plain odd sights or experiences we can visit in London. It is even listed by areas for easy planning.

It will be fun exploring London and also we can bring visitors to unusual places. I’m sure it is quite boring to bring ur friends to the standard tourist attractions like Tower of London (although I’ve never been to this one), London Eye, St Pauls, etc etc etc. I know these are the icon of London but there’s always more to London than these sights.

Also I dont really wanna leave London one day and not having to explore the city to its fullest!

Who wanna join us in our next London discover?


5 thoughts on “Secret London – An Unusual Guide

  1. I wan! I wan! :):)

    Speaking of the Tower Of London, I actually went there by myself last time I was on Brit soil on my medical elective. That was a place I had never gone either and thought I’d give it a go. It’s actually not that bad to be honest. Give it a go when you have nothing else better to do :):)

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