Day trip to Brighton

2 months ago, J send me a link to an event in Facebook. A graffiti exhibition to be exact, to be held in Brighton. So I recommended to Dav to bring his dad to Brighton since we have never been and I can attend the exhibition…Since we have never been, I did a quick research on the top sights to see and charted our walking map on Google Maps.

We went on Saturday morning. Took about 40 mins by train from Clapham Junction. The train was quite full. When we arrived, then we realised, there are 3 festivals currently going on in Brighton (Fringe Festival, Brighton Festival and Food Festival). That is why there’s tonnes of people. We encountered various markets (i.e. lots of food to sample!) and walked non-stop for about 3 hours. The walking map does not include all the markets we walked to.

We love the place… it has lots of nice little shops that sell quirky stuff (I got a new pair of bumble bee looking sunglass!). The pebble beach looks nice. It’s not as cheesy as Blackpool. It definitely have its own characteristics. I think we will go back there again for a visit.

Walking down to Queens Road from the Railway Station.

Sculpture: Loaves and Fishes. This is set into the wall of the Brighthelm Church & Community Centre, North Road.

Dav trying catch the ‘dragon fly’ on a not very nice graffiti wall.

Brighton Dome. Dav is such a snob… hehehehe

Walking in the Brighton Park.

This is a concave mirror of polished stainless steel located in Brighton’s Pavilion Gardens for the city’s 43rd festival. This is made by prize winning sculptor Anish Kapoor.

Brighton Pavillion. Looks like an Indian castle.

Walking out of Brighton Garden.

Sculpture: AFloat. Looks like a big donut.

Visitors can rent deck chairs and sit on the pebble beach to realx. Nice eh…

Brighton Pier on the background. Love the ‘Merry-Go-Round’. Always been my fav!

Love the sailing boats.

Love this shot too. Taken by Dav.

The West Brighton Pier was burnt down in 2003.

Lone jogger. Dav thinks this looks a bit like California.

While walking on the boardwalk, we saw these dogs. So cute!

Oh what a feeling !

Lots of seagulls.

Love this pic too… like my new sunglasses?

More deck chairs.

Love this view. Brighton Esplanade.

Dav just got out of the water. He wanted to test the temperature.

Great street performance. Jazz music.

Another view of the Brighton Pavillion.

Love this shot too. Big big bubbles on high street.


4 thoughts on “Day trip to Brighton

  1. Ah, good ol’ Brighton pebble beach :):) Those pics were wonderful! Made me feel like I was there too! All I needed was that matching bucket and spade!

    And yes, I love those glasses! So funky!

  2. Thanks Cat!

    Lili, I will tell Dav to try to enter after his project. U know la.. he’s so stress about the project. He’s at the critical stage now…

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