Too connected or not connected enough?

I’m starting to realize sometimes I spent too much time in front of my laptop. As if it’s not enough that I’m online at work for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Then in between work, I would also check my email, FB and Twitter using my iPhone! After work, I come home I will automatically on my mac to check email, blogs, FB, Twitter, news, etc, etc, etc.

If that’s not enough, I also watch tv series and movies on my mac book too.

I think that’s way too much time spent online. But I also wonder, if I don’t keep up with all the FB status, Tweets and blogs, I will be severely lagging behind the latest update news and miss out on great opportunity.

Here’s some examples:

  • I would not have known about the Tunnel 228 exhibition if I was not following Kevin Spacey’s Twitter and me checking my Twitter using my iPhone in office. I managed to get tickets and the tickets were all gone in less than 8 hours!
  • I will not know that there’s a new movie made by Malaysian which won quite a few foreign awards recently premiered in KL. The movie name is Sell Out! A friend has watched it, she says it is very very funny (she laughed till she has asthma – thats how funny it is). I trust her taste in movie.
  • I recently meet up with a primary schoolmate which I have not seen or spoke to since I was 12 !! That’s about 18 years ago! She saw my FB that I’m in London and she was visiting. So she messaged me and we catch up over drinks and dinner. Now I’ve a new found friend who has extensive knowledge about the Scandinavia countries whom I can visit next time! (she’s been living in Sweden for 6 yrs and she’s tour director)
  • I learn how to knit from youtube. The book were useless. Nothing beat live demo!

Whatever it is, I still love being connected and all the social networking technology ! So much information and so little time to understand.


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