In search for Nessie

We went to Inverness during the bank holiday with the hope that we can catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster. The train journey started on early Thursday morning (0615 to be exact) from London King’s Cross and we arrived in Inverness at 1455 with a transit in Edinburgh. We stayed in a youth hostel which is located beside the Loch Ness, in the middle of nowhere. The nearest restaurant is like 10 miles away!! Luckily there’s a public bus that stop by the hostel but with limited service. So everywhere we go we have to make sure we can get the last bus back.

The scenary was amazing. There was still snow in some of the mountains. The only drama was when we encountered a road block on our way back to Fort William from Navis Range to catch another bus back to hostel. The police had closed the road due to fatal accident, therefore the public bus cant go anywhere. There was gonna be a 3-4 hours delay. So to make sure we can get back to Fort William on time, we had to hitch hike. Luckily there was a nice Scottish gentleman who were willing to take us back in his car via an alternative road.The one hour journey was quite a hard work cos I was concentrating so hard trying to understand his accent!! LoL.

The drama didnt end there. Although we made it to Fort William on time, the road closure also affected our journey back to the hostel. Basically the alternative road was too small for a bus. So the driver decided to still head to Inverness via another road which will take at least 4 – 5 hours, which we decided it is not worth going. So we were effectively stranded in Fort William for the night. Well since we were not in a hurry, we just went around town to look for a B&B (found a cheap one too!) and look for a nice pub to have our dinner.

All in all it has been a relaxing trip with some hiking (or rather walking) involved.

Oohhh… btw we also found Nessie in Loch Ness!


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