Self reflection

Why patience is a virtue? Because it makes us a better person? Not too sure about that. I think it depends on situation. Sometimes opportunities are missed if we just wait.

Anyway, I’ve noticed this is one trait I don’t seem to have.

  • I like to buy things on impulse (esp when I’m in the mood). I do not wait for sale or scout around for better deals. Hence, I may end up paying a lot more than desirable. But it makes me a much happier person if I get the things I want when I want it. Happiness vs Money = I choose happiness !
  • I have lots of colleague whose first language is not English. So having a conversation sometimes feel very ‘painful’ as they can’t express themselves fluently or find the correct English words to use. What I thought was helpful by ‘interrupting’ them to suggests the word they are looking for, is looking more like I am very impatient. I realised this gesture may  discourage them to converse in English.
  • I get very frustrated when people are late for appointment. I always make it a point to leave home slightly early. So when someone is late for no particular reason… I can’t stand it. Maybe it is a good thing for not being patience in this situation. Dav told me once, when people are late for no reason, they are disrespecting their friends/colleagues/families. Time is valuable!
  • THE ultimate thing I seriously cannot cannot stand – slow driver. One example is my tour guide in Porto Alegre. Imagine this, you’re driving behind a lorry, going up hill. The lorry is very very slow (of course, going uphill rite). What do you do? What do you ???? Cut the lorry at the first opportunity!! It took the tour guide a good 30 minutes before he took over (by this time, 4 cars have already took over us AND the lorry!!).

5 thoughts on “Self reflection

  1. Bring PSP on appointments…help with waiting… I do.

    Slow driver??? u too long away from KL liao…in KL…jam no choice…drive slow..muhahahaha..

  2. Oh my god…that last pet peeve is mine toooooo!!!!

    Australian’s cannot freaking drive!!!! Imagine this: it’s 630 on the morning and already I am swearing away at the idiot going at 50 in a 60 zone!!! ARRRGH! It drives me nuts!!!!! :P:P:P

  3. Steph, you make me laugh. First time I’ve read your blog. Liking it so far.. =) Creative self expression…

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