At the beginning of my stay in Porto Alegre, I’ve noticed that 2 of the guys I’m auditing wears a ring that looks like a wedding band on their right hand 4th finger. So I assumed that they are married. Much to my surprise, they are merely engaged.

So during lunch today, I asked my Brazillian colleagues why does the men wears an engagement ring?  Then I explained it is quite common for the girl to receive a daimond solitaire ring as an engagement ring but the guy will not wear any ring until they get married.

Apparently in Brazil, when a couple gets engaged, both wears the wedding band on the right hand. Once they get married, they will move the ring to the left hand. The reason why they guy also wear a ring is because to show the world that he is engaged! (Just like how a girl would show off her daimond ring) The girls in Brazil will not accept the fact the guy is not wearing his engagement ring. Equality!!

Ohh then I told my colleagues (all guys) that it is common practice that a guy spent 2 months salary on a daimond engagement ring. Everyone went …’ WHAT?????’ The girls in Brazil dont get daimond ring. They only get the wedding band as engagement ring. I also mentioned that the girl would expect a big daimond… normally 1 carat… Suddently everyone burst out laughing… they thought I meant CARROT, the vegetables! Everyone had a good laugh and joked about it. (See previous post on communication difficulties )

This prompted me to think, would I want my husband to wear a ring when we’re engaged? Prolly yes, cos I wouldnt want any girl to approach him and thinks that he’s single and available!! hahahahahaha Of course, its the trust and honesty that’s more important. But I am also a great advocate of equality… everything must be fair! 

What do you think?

p/s: If you didnt noticed, I have declared I will not buy daimond ring anymore in FB after watching the movie ‘Blood Daimond’. But that doesnt mean I dont like them. 😛


4 thoughts on “Engagement

  1. How interesting that even simple things like rings are so different country to country.

    That’s exactly what my sister said to me, “Jie, I don’t think you want to wear your diamond again after you watch this movie”.

    So guess what – I didn’t watch it :):)

  2. Ahem, I heard that it’s 3 MONTH’S salary, not 2. 🙂 Haha.
    I didn’t watch Blood Diamond also, surely my diamond had nothing to do with that, right??!!

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