Wine tour

I meant to stay put in Porto Alegre during this 2 days holiday. But I couldnt resists visiting the vineyards north of this city. Apparently they produce really good wines AND very cheap too. So off I went on a 2 hour journey towards north west of the city.

Bento Goncalves, the wine capital of Brazil, located in a region with many vineyards. Many of the Italian immigrants and their descendants helped establish the wine industry in the region. Besides this city, I also went to Garibaldi (famous for producing sparkling wine) and Carlos Barbosa (famous for the cutlery making company Tramontina).

A summary of my itinerary:

  • I visited 4 vineyards, ranging from super big to family runs vineyards.
  • Tried more than 20 types of wines. Mainly sweet whites cos that is my favourite. Why bother trying something that you know you wont like rite.. must maximise the tasting opportunity.
  • Managed to have Churrasco for lunch. Not a big fan of meat, but I think the wine increased my appetite, so I enjoyed the meat.

Overall it was a really enjoyable trip. No regrets on going.

Vineyard 1 – Vinicola Garibaldi

First stop, Garibaldi, famous for it’s sparkling wine (my favourite!). There’s a small museum in this vineyard which explains the history of the company and also how their wine is made. I tried 3 whites and 2 sparkling. So yummy! This is one of my fav from the tour.

(L-R) Rose sparkling, organic white, german romantic white and chardonnay

my fav – organic sparkling white. I like this becos it is not too sweet and not too dry. It’s just right.

Vineyard 2 – Miolo

One of the bigger vineyard in Bento Goncalves. Definitely more commercial. They have over 60 kind of wines! Didnt quite enjoy their wine to be honest. Maybe it was too commercialise for my liking. Or it could be because their specialty was red and I predominantly like whites. Here I tried 4 reds, 1 white and 1 sparkling white.

The scenary on the way. I was very lucky today cos the weather was perfect!! (It was raining whole of yesterday) Sun was out, not too cloudy and it was actually quite chilly if you stand outside under the shed.

All around the vineyard valley (Vale dos Vinehos), there’s road signs for vineyards in the area.

Grand entrance to Miolo.

See the lists?? It’s has like 62 wines on it! In the end I only like their premium red.

Vineyard 3 – Vinicola Aurora

The biggest wine producer in Brazil! Their showroom is quite impressive. Tried 1 red, 2 white and 1 sparkling rose.

Entrance to Bento Gonzales town. If you cant see what it is, a wine barrel! They even have a church built in this shape. I think their too crazy about wine.

(L-R) Carbenet Sauvignon, Semillon mixed with something, sparkling rose

White wine. A blend of top grapes.

Fountain of wine. No its not real wine… apparently this guy is a greek god of wine.

Vineyard 4 – Cantina Salvati & Sirena

Last vineyard. A very small family vineyard. Tried 3 whites and 2 reds.


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