Eating seeds of pine tree

During the road trip, I was introduced to the famous Brazilian parana pine tree. The seeds, similar to large pine nuts, are edible, and are extensively harvested in southern Brazil, a habit particularly important for the region’s small population of Native Americans. The seeds, called pinhão are popular as a winter snack. And it is normally sold in groceries store and by the roadside.

So when we saw one, my guide stopped the car and I tried some. It tasted like ginko but slightly salty because it is boiled with salty water.

This is how the parana pine tree looks. Like an umbrella.

The seller actually boiled the seeds on the spot and sell them by the cups.

This is how the seeds look like. Long skinny thing with red skin.

My guide trying to peel the seed for me to try.

This is how the inside of the seed looks like. It’s yellow in colour.

My guide love this. So he bought a packet which costs around USD 2.50.


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