Listening to Samba Rock

Friday nite my colleagues brought me to a local bar to experience the night life in Porto Alegre. We went to a small and intimate bar which has a live band playing Samba Rock songs. I’ve never heard this genre of music, but it was very entertaining. Some of the songs played has reggae influence to it. It was fun!

Was told there’s 2 main places to hangout in this city, (1) an upper class area where snobbish pretencious rich people goes and (2) the middle class bar where it is more relax and dont have to worry about what you wear. Of course we went to the more relaxed bar.

Oh there’s also this thing they do in bars and clubs here. As you enter the place, the bouncer will give each person a card. A history of all your drinks n food order will be recorded in this card. At the end of the night, you’ll have to pay for your consumption by providing the card to the bartender and pay. A stamp will be given on your card as a proof of payment and you’ll have to return the card to the bouncer to get out. Not sure what happened if you lose your card. But that’s how it works.

My colleague whom I used to work with 3 years ago. Now he’s my client… i.e. I’m auditing him! LoL

My new found friend. She’s so lovely.. and young too. She’s only 27.

My lovely host. They just got engaged. With a very thick face, I invited myself to their wedding next year! hahahahaha

Fooling around with a lady’s scarf.

On the way back to the hotel, the streets were just full of people. Apparently people here like to line up and wait to get into a bar even though it may take up to 3 hours!! That’s why you see people loitering around the street, waiting to get in.

Here’s a short clip of the live band’s show.


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