Exercising sub-conciously

Everyday when I arrive at the factory main entrance, I have to take a loooooooooooooong walk. Why? Because the building my client is based is situated rite at the other end of the factory compound.

Then one afternoon after lunch, while walking back to the office, I was telling a colleague that everyday we have to walk very far to get to the office. Then she agreed with me and added that she once counted the amount of steps she took from the main entrance to the office main door.

Guess how many steps it took her ? 500 one way… so in a day we had to walk at least 4 times (2 times to get to and from work and 2 times for lunch). So that’s at least 2,000 steps a day!!

I didnt quite believe her. So yesterday I counted my steps and indeed it took about 500 steps one way.

Can I consider that as minimal exercise achieved?



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