Colleague = Life partner

I’ve noticed in the Brazil office, a few of my colleague’s husband/wife are also working in the same company, in the same office.

When I was single, I had a personal ‘rule’ – I will not date someone from work (Not that I dated much! hehehehe). I believe that it is never a good idea to have a relationship from the same office. Imagine the risks you’re taking when the relationship does not work. In addition, everything you do will be scrutinized by everyone! Not to mention, your partner will have lots of ‘spy’ whether they are willing or unwilling spy. People talk.

Anyway back to my observation, I was working with 3 male auditors last week in Rio, of which 2 are married to someone working in the same company. Then this week, I found out the client I’m auditing is engaged to someone also from the same company !! What is going on here???

In case you’re wondering, I did ask each of them whether is this a norm in the office here. All of them gave me the same answer. Seems like they work so hard and long hours in the office that it became natural to ‘hook up’ with someone in the office.

That makes sense to me. I mean on average we spent about 8-10hrs a day in the office. The only free time we get is on the weekends. So quite naturally we will meet and spent more time with people from the office.

For me this will be the last resort.

What’s your view on this?


4 thoughts on “Colleague = Life partner

  1. Hahaha (laughing at O’s comment!!) :):)

    Does dating another medico count? I don’t think it does because each speciality is soooo different to another. I know lots of obstetricians married to anaesthetists; a surgeon to an emergency doctor; radiologist to a psychiatrist *smile*…..

    I’ve never given this much thought before but suddenly realised that the only person I’d ever dated that was NOT a medico was Derren (the teenage fling with the boy with many bodily piercings does not count)!!! And that was BEFORE I was doing med.

    And then I started doing med and we stopped going out. Hmmm…perhaps that is why docs date docs – combination of ultra-long hours, stressful work and perhaps the capability of the other medico partner to understand that.

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