More pics!

This pic was taken at the intersection between Copacabana and Ipanema beach.

Apparently this is a typical Brazillian dish. The meat was slightly too tough for my liking. But the rice and the egg cooked in the peanuty thingy taste good.

Ahh.. beer. How can I not try the local beer. Apparently they serve their beer in perfect temperature, 3 degress to be precise! This brand in particular is very good. Not too strong and served in chilled condition.

Another beautiful view of Copacabana and Sugar Loaf.

You can not leave Brazil without trying their national cocktail.. Caipirinha. Too strong for my liking … one glass is enough to make me intoxicated.

I bought myself a new pair of Havaianas !! They are quite cheap here. But the problem is they sell it everywhere, markets, street stalls, shops and it’s very hard to tell whether they are original or not. They even sell it at the grocery store!!! I got mine in a grocery store.. hehehehe.

Does it look good on my feet? hehehehe I have always wanted to get one of their ‘Slim’ collection. I might get another pair… with the Brazilian colous (ie blue and yellow).


2 thoughts on “More pics!

  1. When you wanna bring me here?… I love the beautiful view of Copacabana and Sugar Loaf. Lovely Havaianas, just like the slipper I bought from pasar malan at RM2.90. Wahahaha 🙂

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