Christ Redeemer Statue

It’s a holiday in Rio today so I decided to take the opportunity to visit one of the 7 new wonders of the world, Christ Redeemer Statue. Before I started this exciting visit, I had to change hotel. The previous hotel I stayed, in Copacabana is full due to the long weekend. So I had to move to Ipanema… which is a better hotel!!! So happy. I’m almost like the ‘Girl from Ipanema’.

Back to the statue. There is a few options tourist can consider when organising the visit. There’s the helicopter (very expensive), then there’s the taxi (was told driver will charge ‘special’ rate). There is also special vans which brings you up the mountain or you can take the train. I opted for the train.

It took me one hour to buy the tickets. They only had one booth selling tickets. Then the tickets came with pre-timed departure. So I had to wait another hour for my train. The journey up to the top of Corcovado Mountain took approximately 30 mins. If thats not long enough, once you arrived at the platform, you’ll have to walk up steep stairs for another 5 mins. For those not so fit, dont worry, there’s a lift and escalator which brings you straight to the base of the statue. I walked of course… 😛

I was very lucky as the weather was beautiful AND hot!! The sky was clear with minimal clouds and actually there’s no clouds at all where the statue is situated. There were freaking lots of people…. of course. Its the symbol of Rio and Brazil… everyone would want to visit it.

Here’s some of the many many pictures I took.

The crowd while waiting for the train.

The train that goes up the mountain.

Directions to the statue.

First sight of the Christ as I was walking up.

Look at the crowd!! Can hardly walk to the edge to look at the view. Had to push all the way.

Evidence I’m there!!

Here’s the various shots I took of the statue.

And here’s the views u can see from the top.

I was very lucky. The weather changed for the worse in the late afternoon. See below, pic taken from the hotel pool. The clouds are covering the statue and it was raining!


4 thoughts on “Christ Redeemer Statue

  1. I’m sure what with the Easter celebrations, it was more packed than usual!!

    Blessed Easter! Hope the easter bunny brought some yummy chocs!

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