Chocolate invasion

The department admin assistant here have a cabinet full of snacks at her cubicle (with multiple kind of chocolates). Apparently everytime there’s an audit, there’s where the audit team gets their snacks.

This is the amount of snacks we have on Wed … bear in mind this is only a small portion of what she has in the cabinet!!

And then during lunch today, because it is Easter, the company has provided easter eggs as dessert (everyone gets to choose 7 little Easter eggs) and ALSO a box of chocolates to bring home!!!! In addition to that, we were also given 2 boxes of chocolates from the project change manager!!

So in total, we have 4 boxes of chocolates, 2 plates of 7 easter eggs and multiple variety of chocolates from the snack cabinet. The chocolates are sooo yummy!!

This is my fav biscuit… ham flavoured biscuit. So yummy! It goes well with a cup of hot chocolate.

ps: I’m sorry babe, but it looks like I’ll be bringing back chocolates!! LoL

Anyway, have a good break.

Feliz Pascoa!! (Translated as ‘Happy Easter’ from Portugese)


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